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Member-Owner Information

Welcome to Bayfield Electric Cooperative!!!

Your Cooperative is operated on a non-profit basis and by a democratic process which means you have the right, the responsibility and the privilege to be involved in the business of providing electrical service to you and your neighbors.

Below is a list of information to help explain your role, obligations and rewards for being part of this Cooperative.  It will also explain the who, what, when, where and how of Bayfield Electric Cooperative.

Every month we communicate information to you through the "Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News", a statewide publication with center pages devoted exclusively to Bayfield Electric Cooperative.

If you every have any questions, you are welcome and encouraged to call, write, or stop by our office. 


This is Bayfield Electric.pdf

How to read your bill.pdf

Bill Payment.pdf

Electric Service Rates.pdf

Annual Meeting.pdf

Capital Credits.pdf


Idle Electric Service Policy.pdf

Power Outage.pdf

Safety Protection.pdf






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