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New Bill Print Format

Our new bill print format will be available with the bills coming out on Friday January 10th. Please click on the link below for an example of what the new bill format will be.

How to read your new bill.




There has been recent reportings of phone calls from someone stating that they are from Xcel and have a partnership with Bayfield Electric.  They are attempting to have our members call a toll free number immediately to avoid interruption of their electric service.   Please be aware that you will always receive advance notice of disconnection in writing prior to your service being disconnected. Be suspicious if the person calling is insistent that a payment be made immediately. If some thing doesn't feel right, end the call. Contact BEC directly to confirm your account status, or use our online tool, SmartHub to check your bill right away. 



Bayfield County was recognized as the first Telecommuter Forward! Community in the state of Wisconsin thanks to Norvado. See the official press release and more information at